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Painting Interior Cladding

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  • 12-09-2016
Painting Interior Cladding

Metal cladding can often be seen in industrial and commercial units. Let's take a look at how you can paint these cladding surfaces effectively.

Interior cladding can be painted as long as you keep a few things in mind. Cladding is often made from a type of metal that has a protective layer over it. It can have an acrylic resin overlay, which is referred to as polyvinylidene fluoride. These compounds can crack if they are exposed to high temperatures. This is why they can gradually degrade over time. 

Moisture can also get into the material and cause further damage. This is why people can choose to repaint their interior cladding. Apart from safeguarding the material, interior cladding can also be painted to look better. 

You can paint your cladding in a variety of colours, making it very versatile. People often repaint their cladding when they want to re-brand their business or improve their image.

When you want to repaint your cladding, it's important to make use of a professional team. They need to look at the edges of your cladding to see if it has deteriorated.

This can be fixed easily with the right equipment. Some layers have to be cleaned with a degree is an agent before you repaint them. It's also important to clean off any cleaning products and leave the cladding to dry first.

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