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How to Spray Paint Fire Exit Doors

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  • 23-09-2016
How to Spray Paint Fire Exit Doors

Fire exit doors or a legal requirement in many countries. But is also essential that you effectively maintain them. Here are a few tips on how to paint them and to protect them effectively.

When you spray paint your fire exit doors, you will do more than just protect them. You will improve their look, which can help the appearance of your overall building. These metal doors can corrode over time, which is why they are often re-sprayed.

Fire exit doors are usually made for durability and strength. It's for this reason that they are often made from galvanised steel. Although the structure may function properly, its appearance may not look as good. The surface layer of paint can easily break down and you might need to re-spray it.

Moisture can also damage the material, so a new coating will ensure that the entire structure is protected. Your fire exit doors can be re-sprayed in any colour you want. But it's important to ensure that you always have a clean surface. Before you start, dirt and fingerprints will need to be effectively cleaned from the door.

This is to allow the primary to adhere to the surface. Any cleaning fluids or chemical residues will also need to be removed. Any dents or scratches cannot be taken out  after the repaint. So, keep in mind that these should be filled first. Also ensure that the area is well ventilated before you start the respray. 

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