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Architectural Features on Commercial Buildings

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  • 03-07-2016
Architectural Features on Commercial Buildings

When you want to refurbish metal structures, it’s good to know some of the basic terminology. Here are some of the explanations of architectural features on commercial buildings.

Here are some of the basic terms that you may come across when you revamp commercial buildings. It can be very useful, even if you are not a professional architect.

Architrave: This is the mould that is used to frame an opening like a window

Awning: Made from fabric or other materials and placed over entrances and windows. It’s used to protect people from weather elements.

Baluster: This is a vertical post that supports rails that are usually found on stairways.

Canopy:this is a metal framework that can be cladded with glass, metal or fabric. It’s usually put over walkways for weather protection.

Cornice: This is a horizontal section that covers fascias. 

Display Window: Metal framework that is used to surround glass to display products. Usually found above bulkheads and below transoms. 

Fanlight:A glass panel that is placed over an entrance door. Usually found in retail outlets. 

Finish: Refers to top coats like the colour, durability and gloss level of a material.

Soffit:The underside of a structure, particularly ceilings and roofs.

Signage: The display of symbols or letters to advertise your business. Usually found on the outside of a building, on the fascias.

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